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Change it!

The key to more success!

How do you inspire and captivate listeners in just a few minutes?

What is our subconscious capable of? Can we control our subconscious, or does it actually control us?

In his gripping talk “Change it! – How change subconsciously leads to success”, keynote speaker Dr. Florian Ilgen shows participants the way to unlock their subconscious.

In 90 minutes, listeners learn about the T.R.E.E. model , the relationship between our conscious and subconscious minds and which system to use when to make the right decisions.

They learn about the powers of our subconscious and how to use this incredible force to their advantage. They also learn about the importance of change, how to drop the fear of change and profit from passion.

Listeners leave the talk inspired, with practical, tested methods to regain control over their private and professional lives.

Experience your guests not just inspired and motivated to use what they’ve learned, but set in motion by real feelings.

Change it! – A captivating talk with fascination guaranteed!

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The keynote speech "Change it!" in a nutshell (click here):

Everything changes – only change is forever! Everyone knows how important change is to our success and continuous efficiency. But why are so many people scared of change? What’s the role of our subconscious in all of this? How can change help us profit from our passions?

Listeners of this inspiring talk learn about the principle of loss aversion – the largest obstacle to change – and how to reduce it.

Moving examples, scientific studies and practical insight for daily use empower participants to master the exciting journey towards change with motivation and success!

Inspiring keynote speaker at corporate event in Munich
Motivation speech at Amway leadership meeting - Dr. Florian Ilgen
Gala in Frankfurt with keynote speaker Dr. Florian Ilgen

Read what the customers say about the keynote speech:

An absolutely impressive talk, world-class! Days after our workshop, there were still lively discussions about your talk in various departmental meetings.

 Florian, you’re in a league of your own.

Our expectations were clearly exceeded!

 Martin Loser
Business Manager
UBS Switzerland AG


We found the event a great success, and all participants (up to Senior Management) were positively impressed.

After the event, many senior executives thanked me personally and told me how the talk had shown them new ways and inspired them to self-reflect.

Matthias Puschert
Program Manager People Developement
RUAG Corporate Services AG


You’ve inspired, moved and impressed our audience.

As event organizers, we are as happy as you are about participant testimonials such as:

“The absolute highlight of the entire conference!”

“Remarkable, captivating and motivating.”


  Karina Riechers
Conference Manager
FORUM Institute for Management


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