What a stunning show, a thrilling experience!

Mind Games – gala show

Mentalist stage shows for special occasions!

Large audiences enraptured! Experience extraordinary entertainment and unbelievable mind phenomenons. This witty and charming mind reader gets your guests involved, fascinates and astonishes them – guaranteed!

Using no big props, just interaction with viewers – experience amazing things on stage. It’s not the presenter, Florian Ilgen, but your guests who will perform true miracles.

How does our subconscious work? Can you really read thoughts? How does Dr. Florian Ilgen control the actions of your audience without them noticing?

Witness how guests leave your event as changed people!

Or are you more interested in science?

Why not watch a captivating talk or a unique combination of entertainment and knowledge.

As soon as a randomly chosen man from the audience reads the thoughts of a woman or guesses the hour she was born in, even the most rational skeptics turn into true believers.

But don’t just believe it – you’ve got to experience it!

See the short image reel to witness the amazed reactions of the audience.

Book the “Mind Games” stage show by Dr. Florian Ilgen as the headlining act for your event and experience inspired colleagues and customers, who won’t stop raving about their experiences.

Dare to go on this exciting journey into the mysterious world of thoughts – you will love it!

For further information, simply download the brochure for the gala show.

Show with mindreader and mentalist Dr. Florian Ilgen
Mindreading stage show at Handelsblatt conference in Frankfurt
Tour with mindreader Dr. Florian Ilgen in Munich

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