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There is a time for everything. Dr. Florian Ilgen was not born as a mentalist and mind reader.

His original interest was chemistry: fundamental research, rebuilding molecules, synthesizing agents.

Born in Lindau, Bavaria, he was always keen on analytical thinking and science. A successful student, his career as a chemist seemed secure. But it turned out different.

In 2004, the aspiring scientist completed an internship in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Later he backpacked through the fifth continent. His journey changed Florian Ilgen’s life forever.

He met the Canadian illusionist Ian Yelle. Wherever the likable survivalist Ian went, he entertained people with his amazing tricks. For two months, Ian and Florian ventured through the outback and Florian Ilgen realized: Doing shows to amaze people – that’s it!

Still, Florian was smart enough to complete his studies and his doctorate at the top of his class. Only then did he dedicate all of his time to his new passion: influencing thoughts and altering senses.

He felt that his vocation was to perform on stage, where he could inspire people. At first, Ilgen toured provincial restaurants. But soon, large companies saw his talent and booked him for their events.

Clients such as SAP, BASF, Rolls Royce, Munich RE or Novartis have all profited from Ilgen’s ability to use his wit and charisma to seduce the audience and generate excitement. Florian has not regretted his switch from chemistry to magic for a single second. The success story has just begun.

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